Sunday, 16 March 2008

the Bag Lady Strikes Again ...

In just a little more than a 24 hour period I made 4 children's purses ... this is my pre-felting post (once they are dry, there will be post-felting pics added to this post ... added March 18th):

Noro # 95

Noro # 131

Patons Classic Wool, New Denim and Palias

Bernat Felting, Fresh Poppy Colourway

There was a snowstorm yesterday, so we stayed in the house until noon, and after lunch went visiting T's parents and my Dad and his wife for the afternoon, and the knitting went with me. These little purses whip up pretty quickly (the i-cord takes almost as long to knit as the body of the purse, but I really like the look of the braided strap, so I guess the extra time is worth it.) With the Bernat Felting, I end up with less than 2 feet of yarn left over ... so no braided strap. I bought the Bernat at Atlantic Fabrics about a month ago, and it is a 45 minute drive to get there again, so I don't know when I will get there to get more ... it knits up nice, felts beautifully (nice thick fabric when it is done -- too bad it is just variegated, not self patterning - I really like the stripes in the Noro!) and comes in a pretty array of colours.

Now to get off my arse and make a few adult sized purses in some pretty springy colours .... by the way, my MIL LOVES her bag (she told me it is the perfect size and colour and that when she went out to lunch with friends, they all raved about it! YAY!)


lexa said...

Very nice! I'll have to check back later today to see the after pictures. I was nosing through my wool the other day, looking at what I've got to make a couple of new purses. I don't have a lot, so I may have to pick up some new for springy purses, too. Hopefully I'll soon be able to change my brownish Noro purse for my orange and green SWS purse! (winter/summer purses)

Marti said...

Oh so cute!