Monday, 11 October 2010

A few Fos to show

I am pretty sure I have been negligent in posting all my FOs on the blog, and can't figure out which projects have made it to the blog and which ones are missing, so this post is a catch up post (and hopefully, not too many duplicates or ommissions)

I finally finished my Mom's birthday socks (her birthday was April 19 - yeah, I am not a very good daughter)

I also have started my Christmas knitting and have completed some socks for the Christmas gift box (... recipients will be chosen later - so many of the people I give socks to are either a size 6 - 7 shoe, or a 8 - 9 shoe, so I just whip up a bunch of socks in those sizes and choose who gets what closer to the date)
These ones are knit from "One Your Toes" fingering weight, and knit on size 2.75 mm needles in less than a week of knitting. They are a 1 x1 twisted rib cuff, with a 2 x 2 ribbed leg and foot.

I've decided to work on my pile of UFOs , as they are taking over the house, and I am running out of storage space for them AND the stash. Something has to go, and I figured that it is easier to finish some Fos than it is to knit up the whole stash. So, I put a bunch of the UFOs in 2 large-ish baskets, and set them beside where I like to knit, and have been picking away at the baskets
... it is really a neat idea, this finishing what you start thing! LOL!

I finished T's surprise socks, ripping the toes and re knitting them ... now they fit!

I ripped and re knit his heavy green wool socks too .... but the leg is not long enough for his work boots, so I am trying to rip back from the cast on edge, and I am having trouble ... any tips on this? Help me please!

On Saturday, after I finished the toes of T's green work socks, but before I arsed up the ripping of the cast on edge, I went to my LYS and picked up 4 skeins of yarn to knit T some more heavy works socks ... Briggs and little Tuffy is really great for work socks, but a little hard on the hands ... my fingers ache, but I did get one sock done on Saturday, and cast on for the cuff of its mate on Sunday. I love these colours together ... and also bought a skein of a denimy blue as well to make another pair using the red and white as stripes (or maybe using the brown and white as stripes - who knows? I like the 4 colours together, so T could get some very colourful combos in his socks!).

I have a tonne of housework to get done today ... a total top to bottom clean and tidy, so I ought to get going now and get to it. I wanted to get the blog caught up, and I think I have. In the next day or two, pop back for a book review ... Vampire Knits is my latest read.


lexa said...

Nice socks. I had to fix a pair before, top down, it was a pain. Don't really have any advice for you unfortunately. Love the Tuffy socks, great color combo. I have to make my T a couple of more pairs. I agree, too - I find it hard on the hands. Although the last couple of pairs I made I used bamboo needles instead of steel, and it was better.

Donna M said...

Great idea to finish your ufos. I don't tend to have ufos, but when I do they are huge projects like afghans or things that I got bored with! :))