Sunday, 16 December 2007

Catching up on FOs

I thought it would be a good thing to do a little show and tell ... I have had some FOs that haven't made it to the blog, and wanted to get them posted (so they seem real!).

T's secretary gifts ... done!

T's Nan's dishcloths ... done!

Black Diangular bag ... done!

Denim and Multi bag ... done!

SWS diangular bag ... done! (sold)

Cute as a button snowman hats ... 2 down 2 or 3 to go!

I think that's all right now ... more soon!


Marti said...

I just love the little snow man hats. I gotta knit one or two myself!

lexa said...

That denim and multi bag really turned out cute! I still LOVE those snowman hats.

Stay snug in the snow! I am working on BIL's scarf and watching the snow fly. Just popped out to check on my banana bread and check on a few blogs. We got our tree today so tonight we'll be decorating.

Donna said...

Love the snowman hats! Our power has blipped a couple of times so I am lighting candles and collecting flashlights! I think I will scream if it does go out!