Wednesday, 31 December 2008

Sliding in, just under the wire ...

Basic Sock Pattern, cast on 76 st., 2 x 2 cuff, stocking stitch for the rest of the sock, reenforced flap heel
Yarn: Kroy Socks Stripes, colour - Burnished Sierra Stripes
Needles: 2.75 mm Bryspun dpns
Made for: T, my hand-knit-sock-lovin'-hubby
Verdict: he was very surprised at my covert knitting! Loves them and they are a perfect fit
Again: I may start alternating between kntting socks for me and socks for T -- he really loves knitted socks, and gets so excited, it makes it worthwhile to knit for huge man feet! (well, maybe I will knit 2 pairs for me for every pair I knit him - they are really big feet!)

Camera is not talking to the computer -- but -- I SWEAR - they are really done! He is wearing them right now, to dinner at his brother's place. I took a few pictures, and will post them when I have a chance to figure out what's up with the computer (grrr ... Kodak!)


Donna M said...

It is always so gratifying when someone just loves your knitting!
Have a great New Year's eve and see you soon!

lexa said...

I've got some yarn to make my T some socks, too. He has gotten some more digs in of how he never gets socks and has been promised felted slippers for a year now. Got some yarn to make his slippers, and I'm making mine now. His will be next.

Yvette said...

Happy New Year!