Sunday, 14 June 2009

Lickedy Split

Inspired by Lexa, I decided that my project to work on during World Wide Knit in Public Day would be a mesh market bag ... so I wouldn't be a total copy cat, I picked a different pattern than Lexa. Mine is the Grrlfriend Market Bag (the bottom is a bit different than Lexa's).

Quick as a flash to knit, and fun too - I cast this on Friday, June 12th in preparation for WWKIP Day, so I would have something fairly easy/repetitive to do -- so my mind wouldn't have to focus on talking AND the pattern (I still managed to screw up/add a unique design element - in 2 places in my bag, the diagonal ridges zig zag and go in a totally opposite direction. The Knit Nite girls think it looks cool- but I can't figure out what I did wrong to replicate the nifty design element! Ah well!).

The bag was finished today at lunch, and immediately after grafting the handle, We went to the grocery store, so I tested it out -- and am very happy with the result (I had a 2 litre Diet Coke and 2 Kilos of Cherries - YUM - and the bag could have held much, much more easily. This bag is going to live in my car for shopping trips :)

I see more of these in my future, and am currently working on another one (same colour).

I'm not sure how much yarn this used - I am using a one pound ball and didn't weigh it before I started bag two to see how much is left. I used 4.5 dpns and 5 mm circs., and made the bag 30 repeats long. I don't think I would go any longer on my strap - it is 56 ridges long before shaping and grafting, and once the weight is in the bag, the bag hits my hip - perfect length for me!


Donna M said...

The bag looks great and very practical in these days!

lexa said...

I'd like to make myself a couple more of these (only have one), plus I'd like to make a few more for gifts. Probably would be handy to have a couple kicking around, kinda like the dishcloths, for that, "I need a gift NOW" kinda thing. :)