Saturday, 15 December 2007

You're an obsession

Yarn's my obsession!

Man ... since I discovered that I really CAN knit a dishcloth, they have taken over my life (much like the felted bags of days gone by!).

These 4 are Christmas presents for our department secretary at work ... she is wonderful, keeps me organized, purposely reduces the stress in my life, is so cheerful and helpful, AND (bless her heart!) loves knitted dishcloths! I am hoping she sees the sense of "fun and sunshine" in this colour selection - I hate doing dishes, so anything I have to amuse me when I am doing them helps me immeasurably (I assume others feel the same way, and have been shocked - and mortified- when told that some people find it pleasant or meditative to wash their dishes!) (???).

The dishcloths are multiplying like tribbles ...
I am knitting 2 each for the 2 secretaries who help keep T organized at work. The mauve and mauve/blue multi are for one of them, and the other one will be getting this combo ... (pictured below in it's infancy)

These 2 popped up, seemingly out of no-where

And they are even starting to morph and evolve
( isn't evolution to remove the square corners and genetically modifying itself to the inclusion of additional lace an example of Darwinism at its best?) (or perhaps just an example of evolution to keep these addictive things from becoming dull? You choose your theory!)
And all this stemmed from a pair of pre-hysterical, distant cousins of the dishcloth, barely recognizable as related, except for a few common genetic markers. I present you with the never-before-photographed, rarely-out-of-the-drawer (and notoriously shy) "first dishcloth" .
This image catches it in escape mode, as it is very self conscious due to its grotesque disfiguration. And to prove that the shape of this hysterical remnant wasn't just a freak of nature, this is the second cloth.

Back to the present day ... like I said - Tribbles!

These are the colours I have lined up to make more with. I may have OCD. I learned how to make them on Tuesday.

On the bright side, the first 4 - the ones for my secretary - were knit from the stash!). This is cause for celebration! Who knew that once you bought yarn, you were supposed to knit with it? Certainly not me from the looks of my stash!

On to other things ... my niece is nearly 11 and wanting to get into sewing, so her grandma is getting her a sewing machine for Christmas. We have bought her a sewing basket, and are outfitting it with her basic needs for getting off to a good start.

I went to Frenchys the other day -- what sewing basket is complete without a button jar?

Look'it the coolio buttons I found ...

All those buttons for only $7 (incl. tax) -- there are "diamonds", mother of pearl, "pearls", assorted flowers, snowflakes (tres fun!), stars, paisleys, and hearts ... I think a good start to a button jar. (Yay! Frenchys!). I am debating a hot glue gun and a a bunch of plain multi-coloured buttons on the lid ... we'll see!
S'all for now!


lexa said...

Cool buttons! I just LOVE funky buttons.

Dishcloths are addictive. I knit twelve of them for Christmas gifts. They're like potato chips -- can't just have one. I don't think I've probably ever made less than six in a bunch.

What happened to the snowmen hats?

lexa said...

I forgot -- there's some Handicrafter in two baskets at the end of the middle thing that has the knitting needles on it. Kinda behind my cabled sweater facing the computer stuff. Don't know if you knew they were there or not. There's some colors in those that aren't left in the regular spot. We need more desparately, but K won't order anything now til after New Years.