Tuesday, 11 December 2007

Hodge Podge

Wow ... time flies! It's been a week since I posted anything, and really not much has been accomplished on the knitting front, and unfortunately, my camera is being stubborn and not wanting to download pictures I have taken. I made 4 cotton dishcloths (the yo pattern) ... which is a real accomplishment for me, as I have never been able to make them! Don't ask -- mental block re: yo's , which I have now worked my way through. I can crank out a dishcloth in less than 2 hours, and I am pretty excited about that.

I got most of my knitting done for the craft sale that took place over the weekend ... 2 purses that were sooo close to being done didn't get finished, but I am so burned out from knitting purses, I really don't care a lot -- they can wait until the next sale, once I regain my strength. I counted and I have knit 34 purses ... I am so happy to be done for a while. I want to make socks, and hats,and anything that isn't a purse (I may even make a stuffed animal or doll! There has been talk at Knit Nite of a Sheldon KAL ... yippee!) The Restaurant that had the show/sale wants to keep them until Christmas, even though they have only sold 3 ... I'm ok with that (right now, if I never lay eyes on another purse, I wouldn't be devastated). 16 jams and chutneys that I made sold ... there are a few people in our community who seek me out each Christmas for Jalapeno Jelly and Cranberry Orange Chutney, and I think it is sorta cool that that is what people know me for (I am not much of a cook, aside from these "Heddy secret recipes").

The spinning workshop I am organizing as a program at work is filling up quickly. Only 5 spots left. They will learn to spin on a drop spindle on the first Saturday (Jan 12th), then have homework through the week (spinning practice) and then the next Saturday will be plying and spinning on a wheel. If anyone is local, and thinking about taking part, call soon so your spot can be saved. Sharon Orpin , the spinner in residence at the Fisheries Museum of the Atlantic (the wonderful spinner who taught me to spin) is the facilitator ... and it will be so much fun!

Tonight is knit Nite ... I might be a little late getting there, we are renewing our mortgage and have a banking appointment tonite at 5. Start without me ... :)


Marti said...

ACK! What's the number to sign up for spinning??? I'm horribly disorganized lately and I DO NOT want to miss this! I'll get the info from you tonight hopefully!

lexa said...

Gonna miss my first Knit Nite, I'm so depressed!!! But I will be knitting here at home on the boring work sock. I cannot WAIT to get my Christmas knitting finished so I can make socks, socks, and more socks. I need to make some more stuff for the store, too. Only have one baby set left.

I hear you on the purses! I've made a lot, but not nearly as many as you did!

Think of me tonight at Knit Nite. :(