Friday, 18 June 2010

Let's try this again

I needed a blog break ... its been a bit hectic around here lately, so I stopped blogging. I haven't anything new to show knitting wise either, as I have frozen shoulder and have not been able to knit. It is pretty dull around here in that respect!

I am also having camera trouble (again!) -- the new camera has all the pictures that I had taken for this post on it, but won't let me download them to the computer ... so this post has been sitting waiting (all written and ready to go for over a week), waiting for the camera to get over its snit and give me the pictures ... it doesn't look like that is going to happen, so you get a pictureless (for now anyhow - I will add them whenever the camera releases the hostages). ** fixed now, and pictures added :)

Prior to my shoulder being really bad, I had been working on a few projects ... since the last "Dishcloths of 2010" update, there have been another 14 make it to the pile (bringing my annual total to over 30 so far). (if you only count 13 in the picture - there is a mauve one that I knit but gave away in the winterwithout taking a picture).

I tried my first Monkey sock by Cookie A., and really enjoyed it ... pretty eh?

Unfortunately ... not enough yarn left for a second sock, gahgh hurumph!

So now what to do? rip it and try a less yarn consuming pattern, knit a pseudo matching sock but use green yarn for heels, toes and cuff, or knit a pseudo matching sock but throw in a stripe of green periodically, or rip it and make a pair of Monkeys with green heels, toes and cuffs? I hate the thought of ripping a completed sock ... it used 600 grams and there are 300 grams left in the ball; it is a Fleece Artist Mill end, so I doubt there is another ball like it out there that I could buy to finish a second sock (T keeps suggesting that ... can't you just buy more? I wish I could, if only to make the Monkey stop staring at me!).

I started a pair of socks for my mom's birthday (back in April), but no progress at all since the end of April. They'll be pretty when they are done.

In the few moments that I have been able to knit, I whipped up two Jayne Hats that I think I will send one of them to T's aunt in Newfoundland; she owns a company that makes clothing based on scifi movies and tv shows(Dr. Who, Firefly, and a bunch of others), and sells the replicas to the public, and on a recent visit she showed me her company's "Brown Coat" coat based on the coat worn by Jayne Cobb in the Firefly tv show. She was talking about the show, and said she loved it, and that people even knit the hat from the show , and that she'd love to have one ... a minute on Ravelry, and poof! found the pattern, and whipped up a Jayne hat for her ... then, because it was fast and kinda cute and I had leftover yarn, I whipped up another one. All that's left to do for # 2 to be done is the pom pom to be made, and then to sew the poms on both hats :) Lucky for me it is still too warm for an earflap hat ;)

That's all I have for now ... hopefully I will be back soon (I will try to blog at least weekly, even when it is hectic here!). (** and even more hectic because of the camera terroising me!) (now fixed - after an hour long "chat" with a Kodak tech on line! but realized I hadn't taken all the pictures I thought I had! So now I have taken more pictures, added them to the post ... and I think we are even staeven now :)


Yvette said...

I really like your dishcloth photo. The way the sun is coming in sideways, highlighting the bright colours. And the contrasting textures of the wood and the quilt fabric as background? Beautiful composition. What a cheerful picture you've made.

Heddy said...

Thanks:) ... I totally planned it that way .. lol! not at all ... just a tidy spot in the house that I could stack and shoot a boring dishcloth shot... but thanks for the compliment, glad you like it :)