Wednesday, 26 December 2007

Santa Claus found me ... and knows I knit!

Sorry it's been a few days since I blogged ... but it has been hectic around here, as Christmas tends to be. Today is the first day I have been home all day, with no planned outings.

Re: Christmas knitting, I didn't get it all done -- maybe next year I will have better luck there! T's hat is so close, but I am a little discouraged because of the whole running out of wool thing ... I think I will work on it today and see if I can get it finished off.

  • The Snowman Hats look adorable on the 3 nephews (although they whip them off their heads really fast in the house ... faster than I can get a photo of them!). The third hat (pictured) was finished and washed at midnight Christmas eve, and dried in the car on the way to T's work 6 a.m. Christmas morning - I like to knit without a net! haha!). I started a fourth hat on the drive to his work in case one of the kids had issues with size, but their Moms report they are a "perfect fit".

  • My MIL got a promissory note for her felted bag -- once she has some free time, we'll go yarn shopping and pick out a good colour for her and I'll whip up a bag for her. She told me today that she loves her socks, and got oodles of compliments on them last night when she was out doing some Christmas visiting. I am really happy she likes them.

  • T's socks are still just one lonely cuff ... this week, hopefully I will get a bit more done on them (he loves hand knit socks, and only has 2 pair made by his wife - one worsted weight and one fingering -- that is really not a good thing!). I like to see him enjoy my socks, and should knit more for him, but his feet are a frikking size 11 ... so it takes me weeks to make them in fingering weight (and I am scared I will run out of yarn!).

Santa has obviously been watching me ... in addition to all sorts of wonderful presents (clothes, jewellery, and other fun things), my Christmas was chock full of knitterly goodness. T got me some Fleece Artist fibre (2 braids of Merino Sliver), a Lucy Neatby dvd (Knitting Gems 2), a ball winder (similar to the one in this link) and made me an oak Lazy Kate to use with my wheel (and the wood is a perfect match with the wheel ... wheeee!), plus a bunch of non-knitting/spinning things -- a freshwater pearl necklace made by a local artist, and more candy than I can eat in a month! (Yum! ~ sorry, no pictures -- it is an obsceneamountofcandy...Terry's Chocolate Orange Segments Pack, Toblerone, Droste, Lindt -I was spoiled!) :)

My family and friends also gave me the gift of yarny fun ... my mom gave me a whack of dishcloth cotton and made me some dishcloths too.

T's brother got me a swift (although, when he gave it to me, he asked how you use it ... heh! heh! Family love is a good thing, and T told all of the family who asked that I would really enjoy things to help with the knitting/spinning hobby. He/they are so sweet to me!)

I got a pretty silk/organza evening bag from my good friend J. with a set of Fleece Artist Pewter Baa Baa Black Sheep stitch markers tucked inside (so cute and so thoughtful - thanks, J.).

My friend Carole gave me "Knitting New Scarves" by Lynne Barr ... I can't wait to get the needles clicking on a few of the patterns in there! I opened it before Christmas and took it to a Knit Nite, and it got raves there from the girls.

This big seagrass basket will become home to a bunch of wool, thanks to the thoughtfulness of my sister ... and she gave me some money to put toward spinning accessories I may need. Have a Yarn may get hit hard too -- my Dad gave me a big gift certificate for there ... Knit Niters, let's plan a road trip soon! The thought of hitting some yarn boutiques is getting me very hyper!

People were really too generous to me ... I was given so many nice gifts. I 've only listed the knitting related ones, as this is a knitting blog. Thanks to everyone! I am now totally equipped for any knitting/spinning emergency that may come my way ... and am prepared to knit my way out of any situation!

I think I will go check on the felted bag sales at the Wood Pile today - the rack looked pretty empty when I stopped in before Christmas (that's good - I can buy more yarn with the sales money, heheh! This purse thing is a never ending cycle of buying more yarn to make more purses to buy more yarn). I don't see a problem with it!


lexa said...

I am probably going to order my swift this weekend or the beginning of the week. I'm watching it on eBay but haven't bid yet.

You got lots of nice stuff. We started the yarn inventory at work. There's not as much to count this year. The book and the actual count is waaayyy off. Don't know if you need any more aran Decor or not, but I threw an odd dye lot in the mark down bin today, -25%.

I'd be up for a road trip sometime. :)

Marti said...

You know I'm up for a road trip! I've been dreaming of Have a Yarn since the holidays began. You're now one well equipped knitter! Every year people ask me what I want for Christmas...I keep waiting for it to sink in.

Donna said...

Congrats on your Christmas knitting/spinning haul! Even if they don't know what it is for, your family came through.
A road trip sounds like a great idea! I also got a gift certificate to HAY!

Marti said...

About Hank: At his last vet appt. he weighed 20 lbs. roughly, and that was Dec. 21. I swear he's at least 25 by now. I should weigh him on the bathroom scale, just purely out of curiosity.