Sunday, 1 November 2009

Vanilla ... not just for ice cream anymore

Yep - another pair of plain ole vanilla socks(but jazzed up with an Eye Of Partridge heel). Pretty dull, but I needed knitting to take to the movie last weekend ("Cirque de Freak:the Vampire's Assistant" - quite good,reminds me of "American Werewolf in London' from the 1980s), and the vanilla sock meets the criteria.

The Details:
Pattern: vanilla, plain, boring sock
Needles: 2.75 mm dpns, 1 sock on Estelle natural bamboo, the other on Harmony woods. I knit them in tandem to be sure they were very 'matchy matchy'.
Yarn: Patons Kroy Sock Stripes, colourway 'Cyan Stripes'
Time in: 6 days. Started - Sat. Oct. 24th, Finished - Friday, Oct. 30th
For: my baby brother (well, he is 23, so I guess he's not a baby anymore), for Christmas. He moved out West in the Summer to work, and has found a job he really likes ... but he says it is FREEZING (big sista to the rescue!)
Again?: yeah ... as dull as they are to look at and write about, I'll keep making vanilla's fairly often, as I can make them in the dark, I have a ton (literally, almost!) of self striping yarn which is great for stocking stitch, I can crank a pair out in about a week if I am working (and quicker if I am not), and they make a nice basic sock present (especially for a man) - although my husband T told me last night his favorite type of sock is one with a small rib top, and wider ribbing down the leg to the foot ... he likes the way it hugs his foot and calf. He is becoming so well versed in handknit socks ;)

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lexa said...

Can't go wrong with plain vanillas and stripey wool. :)