Friday, 18 January 2008

My week at a glance

I said I would post on Sunday about the movie we went to and how much I knit on my sock during it, then disappeared off the face of the earth for the rest of the week ... bad blogger that I am! Sorry ... busy week!

We went to see National Treasure, with Nicholas Cage. Good movie, helpful if you had seen the first one though (which we had), and have an interest in American history (meh, not so much, but I love to her Nicholas talk so very worthwhile). I knit the ribbing of sock #2 on the drive to the theatre, and the cuff as pictured during the movie ... had to stop though because I couldn't see to count repeats of the colour bands (theatres are pretty dark, and the other patrons get cranky when you flip on a flashlight) -- turns out I only had one more green/orange repeat to go before starting the heel flap.

I love these socks, and was very excited to get them done for a number of reasons. They have EVERY one of my favorite colours in them - lime, orange, pink & turquoise (the lime is much limeyier in real life than in the picture).
I don't actually knit many socks for myself, and was feeling the NEED for a pair. They were a lovely needed break from the acre long foot of the man sock for T (but now they are done, I have no excuse for not working on his sock -- hell, its only the gusset decreases and foot left to go, I should make an effort to get back to it and finish the huge thing).

The finished product (as of earlier this evening):

Yarn: Bernat Sox, Hot Tamale colour
Pattern: vanilla sock, 64 stitches, eye of partridge heel and a spiral toe (just for kicks!)

These are my first acrylic socks, and although I think I may be a yarn snob, I am a bit excited about them -- I have heard form some reliable sources that the Bernat Sox washes like a dream and wears like iron (it will be nice to have socks that I don't have to worry about accidentally chucking in the dryer!). I love them! I plan to wear them to spinning class tomorrow ... yay!

(more pics of the socks)

(and a few pictures of sunflower for Knitting Momma ... we plant a lot of them along our fence in the summer -- like, 6 - 10 packs of seeds - every kind known to man, short , tall, red, single flower , multi flower - so always have a lot in the yard in the fall, but you don't see them in every yard around here. I like them 'cause they are cheery, and the bees love 'em!) (as with most of my pictures, click to enlarge 'em)


Knitting Mama said...

Awww, Sunflowers in your backyard!!!! So jealous. I wonder if I can plant them here in Montreal?? Would they survive? I guess they're seasonal? How many months do they last? Have you had them for years? We just moved, and have a fresh "new" garden in the back to play with this spring...! Are they pricey to plant? Do you have any info on them? ;)

The socks look great. I've never used Bernat Sox, but seen them at Zellers/Walmart. Actually I think I have a lonely skein (50g) of a Camoflage color in Bernat Sox that I got for 1$ at Zellers, that I got for Sean's blankie project (Leftover Sock Yarn blankie!)Just haven't used it yet.

lexa said...

I think I am going to plant sunflowers in front of our big fence this summer. It needs something in the front. I used to plant them along side of the house when I was in my teens at home. The birds used to pick the centres clean!

The first pair of socks I ever knit out of "real" sock yarn was a pair of Bernat Hot Sox in Hippie Hot. I still have them, and I figure they'll outlive us all. I must say they are quite comfy, too. Too bad they don't make it any more.

Donna said...

Poor T. How many other projects will you do before finishing his big old man socks?

I will have to come see your sunflowers in person this summer.

Kris said...

The socks are very cute! Did you use eye of partridge for the heel?

Dorothy said...

Nice socks.
My daughter has a pair in that colorway. I've got a pair of the same yarn, different color. Stuff wears like iron! Two or more years and they are still going strong - and I'm tough on socks!

Anonymous said...

OMG we are sock twins. I recently completed a pair of socks in the very same colour way! Yours are lovely. I hope you enjoy wearing them as much as enjoy wearing mine.

Anonymous said...

Hi Heddy,

Thank you for leaving a comment. My sock pics are at my old blog, about three posts down.

I'm a bit disappointed about this yarn dissappearing too. I have hopes that when I venture up to the in Listowel that I will hit the mighty stash.