Saturday, 10 January 2009

First FO of the New Year

Tah dah! I call these Sunshine and lollipops socks - 'cause that's what the colours remind me of. They are birthday socks for my niece who turns 12 on Jan. 20th (and I am done so far ahead of my deadline for making them -- they may actually get washed and blocked before being gifted to her!).

Pattern: Patons Spiral Ribbed Socks (from a tear off flyer pack in the store)
Needles: 2.75 mm Bryspuns
Yarn: Regia Cotton Colour, colour # ?? lost both ball bands!
Time in; Started after supper New Year's Eve, finished after supper, Jan. 7th, 2009
Mods: Added a garter stitch short row heel (the pattern was for a 17 inch long tube sock). Home made socks need a fancy schmancy heel ... tube sock? Bah!
Again: Yeah ... but will likely make them a bit bigger ... pattern calls for 54 st. cast on, but I don't think they would be a comfy fit on a woman sized foot, but should be good on a tween who wears a woman's size 7 or 8 (skinny legs and foot!). Possibly cast on 8 more stitches, if knitting for a woman. The pattern is mesmerising simple, and really progresses fast (5 row repeat ... flies by!), and turns out very cute and complex looking.

I got a lot of compliments on them at work ... and I hope the recipient will love them just as much.

** Speaking of socks .. I finally got the computer and camera talking re: T's "Trick or Treat ... " socks, and have posted pics of them being modelled (moments before we left for New Year's Eve celebrations! ... pardon the lack of creativity in the posing, but we were late for dinner!)


lexa said...

Very cute! I think I showed T's socks to my T and asked if he'd wear a pair like that (trying to get some ideas for socks for him that won't bore me to death). Can't remember exactly how he phrased it, but it was a "no" with something along the lines that he's not as free-spirited as your T. :)

I'll have to find some kind of patterned men's socks cuz I know he'll just go for boring blah colors.

Dorothy said...

Those are great socks!