Friday, 26 February 2010

Lovely Lavender "Lympic Socks Finished

Lavender finished
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I haven't been blogging much lately - whoopsie! been caught up in the Olympics ... and knitting up a storm! These were finished today - Lovely Lavender socks, made from Kroy Jacquards on 2.75 mm needles. I used my standard pattern - cast on 64, eye of patridge heel and and standard toe.

I really like them, and haven't taken them off since I took the picture! The colours are really subdued, and soft, but I have been a fan of lavender since I was a kid, so I guess that's why I am so enamoured of them.

I started them as something to knit during "Shutter Island" == awesome movie by the way, good twists and turns in the plot! - anyhow, I got a lot done during the movie (note to knitters - it is bright enough of a film that you can still see your hands and needles, should ypu goof and drop a bunch of stitches off in the dark). Time in - February 19 - February 26, 6 days.

A gold medal for Team Canada in the Ravlympics!

Lavender Finsihed 2

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lexa said...

My verification word is prize. Does that mean I win the socks? LOL! "Knit your own!" I know, and I will! Love 'em!