Sunday, 14 December 2008

I feel like I am really on a team

Following my last post with the metaphor about being benched from an important game in the last minutes/not being able to knit in the final days before Christmas, I was really touched by the number of people who took the time to offer their empathy for my injury (and sympathy for my not being able to knit) ... y'all are very sweet! I expected to hear from my Knitterpuddlian buddies (they are a supportive group), but I was really tickled to have the support from so many others who haven't even met me "in real life" ... thanks! It means a lot to me to know I am not the only one who has had to put down their needles (and it really has given me strength to know that you lived through it to tell the tale! {grins} )

Upddate: It is driving me crazy to not knit (it has been 8 days so far, and I really don't see a change). I think the problem/cause of the pain is really my posture at the computer. I go back to physio tomorrow and I am hoping when I tell him that it hurts worse now than when I was knitting, that he'll let me knit again ... and tell me some ways to work better at the computer. Fingers crossed!

Not knitting for a week has really given me time for reflection, though, and for that I am thankful. How do non-knitters cope with life? My goodness, drives in the car are excruciatingly long without a project clicking away in my lap.

yeah -- still a bit of a pity party going on here ... still haven't found anything to keep me busy in lieu of knitting.

I had this in my pile of FOs waiting for felting, so I felted it.

Knit from 2 balls of Sean Sheep wool (from Walmart), not sure of the colourway, as I lost/Bruce ate the ball bands. The pattern is an original, never to be duplicated because I forgot to write down what I did, Heddy design!

I did sew a little the other day

-- of course, my computer still isn't letting Blogger or Flickr see my pictures, so no FO pics for you. I made 5 box bags (similar to this) in assorted fabrics, so I'd have something to take to the Open House Craft Sale at the Woodpile (since I can't knit). They turned out cute. Didn't sell any - LOL!

I should go -- I've got to clean house today so we can set up the tree tonight. This is Bruce's first Christmas - can't wait to see how he reacts to the tree (yeah, it WILL be tied down, AND I bought new plastic ornaments -- glittery purple balls -- I may actually be a 10 year old girl, I love them so, so, so much! A bit of fun on the tree this year!)


Donna M said...

Hope you get off the DL tomorrow. (Disabled list for those not baseball familiar).

Hope your tree is not going to drive Bruce nuts. We aren't having family here so I am using our tabletop tree and it won't be an issue with the dog who doesn't pee anyway.

lexa said...

We didn't have Jewel last Christmas, and this is Maggie's first Christmas ever. So far they don't really pay much attention to the tree, but tails have been flapping the branches and lights, and there are no decorations on it yet.

Hope you get off the DL list, too. I'd be nuts. Get a needle. If it isn't better and seems to be getting worse get some cortizone in ya. :)

(I keep tell T he has to do that, but he's petrified of needles. He says he'd have to be knocked out cold if they do that to him. His isn't getting any better either.)

Heddy said...

I hope I am off the DL list soon too!

unfortunately, cortizone doesn't fix everything, and I am only going to resort to that as a final measure, as I don't want a foreign substance in my body (I am weird liek that - don't take meds unless I have to, and have to be near death to pop an Advil). I have been threatened with surgery though, if I don't do the exercises to keep it in shape, so I am doing them several times a day until my arm is sore from them.

Marti said...

4:48...your tam is done. Gonna start the slippers after supper is in the oven. Oh wait, damn, I said I was charging you an hourly rate. Uh, scratch that...tam is really giving me a hard time. Think I might need to take it all the way back, re-knit the whole thing. Yeah, yeah that's it.

Carrie Ellis said...

I might be a 10 year old girl - too funny!

I have been trying to think of something that you can do with your time other than knit. It hasn't been easy.

In fact, all I've come up with is reading. I used to do a lot of that in my life before knitting and I don't think it will strain any of the muscles you need to rest.

Good luck with the physio!

Dorothy said...

I'm glad you have a good support team!!

I love the fact that your tree pic has a knit hedgehog and a tatted ornament both in the same picture. I have a hedgehog just like that, and the same ornament (only mine is purple) :)