Sunday, 31 May 2009

Olive You 2?

Remember Olive Leaf? ...
Well, the friend of the girl who it was made for decided she wants one too - just like it.

This is Olive You 2 --

really, it isn't the same purse (I am not using the same photo over and over, claiming to be knitting, when in reality I am watching Rock of Love Bus (sadly, over now, and replaced by trash tv ;) ) - it is a second purse, just like the first - isn't that a song? ... I knit another one, and like it so much, if I can find another one of the leaf buttons, I will definately be making a third one (Olive 3 Bags?), it will be for me!


Donna M said...

They really are gorgeous! I can see why the friend wanted one 2!!

Carrie Ellis said...

Love the button! Say do you know the name of that purple flower in the third photo? - we have a couple in the front yard.