Friday, 21 March 2008

New 'do and old habits

What else is a blog for if not to post ridiculous pictures of yourself that you would not normally show to people?

My hair has been driving me bonkers since I got it cut at Christmas time -- it WILL NOT stay out of my eyes, and is constantly covering my face (ala Cousin Itt) .... and to make it worse, I have developed a streak of grey hair!!! Things needed to happen, so I had my 'do done last night ... Just try to find a grey now! I refuse to post a before picture ... just atrocious! I didn't have any of it cut off, just the chunks of blond are new

I have decided to tough out the annoying 'hair in face' thing and let the layers grow out, and in the meantime, resemble a '80s hair-band member /pop star without the Aquanet! -- those sweatbands WERE kinda hot! Maybe a new fashion direction for me? Heddy - retro rock star ... could work, but I have to learn to sing. meh, I'll just look like one instead.

Back to my old habits ... I have been knitting dishcloths again ... got 4 done over a very short period of time, trying to use up a bag of scrap cotton my Mom gave me from ones she knit. I feel like I am recycling!

I should get a fair bit of knitting done this weekend - T is working today, through Sunday, then we are both off on Monday, so I have 3 days of knitting freedom (at Chez Me it is all knitting all the time this weekend! -- except for an occasional chocolate run, I am all about the knitting).

Curly finds the knitting a little dull ... but doesn't mind the modelling part.

Oooh, despite what Mother Nature seems to think, tossing snowstorms, cold weather and icky days around like Winter will never end, Spring is on the way .... I noticed this ...

in the garden a few days ago, and forgot to take a picture of it until this morning. That is an iris reticulata (not sure if I spelled it correctly, too lazy to Google it) ... and regardless of when Easter is, mine always seem to bloom for Easter! Spring is coming!


Michele said...

The hair looks good!

Thanks for the links, I was only a baby at the time but I love the music!!

lexa said...

My daffodils and tulips are up a fair ways. They are up against the house, though. Poor things have a chilly day today. My bleeding heart out front is also coming up, too.

I am off six days in a row. Thursday through Tuesday, work Wednesday. I thought I'd get a lot more knitting done since I haven't gone anywhere for the past two days. But Pogo has a new game, and I'm kinda addicted to it. Wasted too much time playing that. Unfortunately it's not a game that I can knit and play at the same time. There are a few I can do that with, but the ones I like the best I can't.

Marti said...

I'm sorry, but you're wrong. Spring isn't coming...ever. Never ever ever ever ever. The sun is never going to shine for more than one day in a row and the wind isn't going to stop howling at 4 am and the snow will never stop falling and I'll continue to hear the plow go by he house until sometime in mid July. There, now that I've got my ranting out of the way, I won't have to do it on my blog.

PS: I like your hair. The blonde is pretty.