Sunday, 14 March 2010

Red Fish, Blue Fish (well, pink is close to red, right?)

Fish for S
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I started this Fish Hat (pattern by Thelma Egberts) back on Nov. 15, finished knitting it on Nov. 16, and put it away to sew the felt eyes on later ... well, Christmas came and went, and our poor little nephew S didn't get a hat for Christmas. After knitting the Pink Perch the other day and realizing just how fast the eye go on, I picked it up last night and sewed the eyes on.

Part of the reason I held back on doing this simple little thing at Christmas was because I had planned to give hats to Baby O and Jack, S and his sister A, and I ran out of time to get A's hat done, and you can't give something to one sibling without having something to give the other - just isn't good Auntie protocol!! Christmas at my house was hectic at best (my BIL was in hospital for nearly 3 weeks), and I just ran out of knitting mojo, so A's hat sat languishing in the WIP basket.

Anyhow, the mojo has been back for a while, and I decided that since I have begun the knitting for Christmas 2010's hats (pictures soon, I promise!), that I really should finish up the loose ends and give the hats for Christmas 2009!

I pulled A's hat out of the WIP basket, and saw that when I left it, all I had left was to knit the 3 fins, weave in all the ends (and there were a lot of them!!), and to sew on the eyes. All told about an hour's work, so I started last night and got everything done, but one eye which I finished sewing on this morning.

We will gift them this afternoon ... it is a cold day today, despite the Spring like weather we've had over the last 2 weeks -- maybe the kiids will get to wear them a few times before next Winter comes!

Knit on 4.5 mm dp needles
assorted yarns -- for S's hat I used Patons Decor in red for the lips, Navy Decor for the head, Bernat Jacquards in Blue Jean for the body, and Sandnes Garn Pefect in a denim blue for the tail and fins.

For A's hat, I used Sandnes Garn Perfect for the lips annd a few stripes, perfect in Lime for the head, some stripes and some of the fins, Patons Decor in Teal for some stripes and Decor in Rich Aubergine for the stripes and tail, and Patons Classic wool for the top fin and the detail on the side fins.

The eyes on each are craft felt, sewn on with white thread for a rustic feel and durability.


Wanderingcatstudio said...

Love love love these hat! My neices will be getting some for Christmas i think! And, I love how you've photographed them eating things!

Donna M said...

Those are the cutest little hats! Great colours and great pics!
Shrek may be replaced! :))

lexa said...

They're cute hats! It's understandable that your mojo went over Christmas with the BIL situation -- that would have made anyone's mojo get up and go!

I'm impressed you've started on Christmas knitting already. I plan on starting soon, but I haven't done anything yet. Got a lot of socks planned and a little size 4 sweater for my nephew. I figure most of that stuff will get knit during camping season. Love small projects for camping.