Sunday, 5 October 2008

m'o FOs

tee hee!

Here are a few FOs that I've been working on over the past 2 weeks ... these are some purses I've been making (once they are dry I'll post some finished pictures in this posting, but for now, you only get to see the pre-felting shots).

The three red and purple ones are commissions for a friend of T's mom who wants 5 purses to give as Christmas gifts to her Red Hat Society friends ... the red one with the purple top and the purple and red wide striped one are made out of wool I bought at a farm market, made from the farmer's own sheep's wool, and is much similar to Briggs and Little (needs lots of time and help to get it to felt and makes my wrists ache to knit with it),

and the other two are made from Patons Classic Wool (much nicer to felt and knit with).

S'all for now folks - I am working on a few more purses, but won't have them to the point of taking pictures for several days. I am even actually going to make one for me!


Donna M said...

I look forward to seeing the felted products!
Hope you can make KN this week. If not, we may have to .... um..... ya know!

lexa said...

I've got some ideas for a couple of bags for the store, but I have so much to do I don't know if I'll get to them any time soon or not! Been awhile since I've made a felted bag, so we'll see. I love yours, can't wait to see the after pictures. :)