Sunday, 31 January 2010

Certainly is Cowl'd outside!

It sure was cold outside over the past few days, and because I love a pun, I present "No More Cowl'd Mornings" ...

My BIL gave me money for Christmas to go and buy yarn - I found a little skein of nice Fleece Artist mill end in a chunky weight at LK Yarns and planned right from the start to make my tractor driving, outdoors lovin’ husband a cowl (I made him a wool hat a few years ago, and he wears it every time he snow plows, on every hunting trip and if it is cold and he’s in the woods, the ‘hard working hat’ is on his head). I figured since the hat was well received (and much loved), that a warm cozy cowl would be loved too (silly man never wears a scarf, and always says that is neck and face get cold driving in the boat or on the tractor). Heddy to the rescue!

cast on Jan. 31 – done before supper on Jan. 31. Gotta love a quick turnaround time :)

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Donna M said...

That should definitely keep him warm!!