Friday, 24 August 2007

A FO and a WIP

I finished the "Thank-you-for-working-your-tail-off-to make-our-house-look-nice" socks for my FIL (the name is a little long, but I think that it will catch on!) ... I wove in the last end last night at 10 p.m. - exactly 24 hours later than I gave myself for a deadline (what can I say .. I am an optimistic knitter! I had to work Tuesday evening so missed an entire night of knitting). They have been washed and blocked, and will be gifted this weekend.

As soon as they were finished, I cast on a new pair. I only knit 2 rows of ribbed cuff before going to bed -- just enough that they would stay together in the knitting bag. The new socks are also me going at it without a pattern. I knit a row or 2 before work this morning, a row or 2 on break at work, and a few rows after supper ... they are coming along pretty quickly (I am convinced that when I don't have a pattern to refer to, my needles hum right along!). I will show some progress in my next post (they are dead boring right now).

These are a pretty basic pattern ... cast on 64, 1 inch 1x1 twisted rib cuff and a mostly vanilla leg, with 2 baby cables twisting down either the front or back of thesock (haven't decided yet -- I love that it doesn't matter if the cables are on the front or back - it is my design and I can make that decision when I start the heel flap -- Have I mentioned this is pretty frikking cool?! ;>) ) I'm not sure who they will be for yet. I am hoping to make a pair of socks for everyone in the family for Christmas. So far my sister and one of my sister in laws keep coming into mind, but the sock hasn't decided which home it wants to go to.

The Dream in Colour Classy that I won in Connie's contest over at Pick Up Sticks and Knit arrived on Thursday ... it is quite swanky. I think it is going to become a pair of Horcrux socks for me (my opinion is it is bad karma to give away a knitted item knit from prize yarn ... hehehe) if I can get a copy of the pattern. If not, I am open to thoughts.

This weekend is a festival in my community - Queens County Seafest -- a weekend long event in which a fishing derby is held, entertainment, a rowing race and a bunch of other cool stuff is going on all weekend. April Wine is performing tonight -- it is raining,so we opted to stay warm and dry at home. T and his brothers, father and my sister's husband are going fishing at 5 a.m. (no that's not a typo) tomorrow ... so I think it will be an early night at Heddy's tonight.

My friend J and I are going spinning again ... Sharon is back at the Museum tomorrow, and asked if we wanted to spin. I have been a bit tense lately and have been spinning too tight, so am really looking forward to some more instruction from a pro. Perhaps the splitting (and cursing) will be something she can teach me to fix!

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lexa said...

T got up at like 4:30am to go fishing with C when we were at S's! They got home after dark. I guess when C goes fishing he leaves that time of the morning and comes home around 11pm. They got three rainbow trout, T got the biggest one. It's funny, C loves to fish but won't eat fish. So S and the kids get it all!

Too bad it rained for Seafest. It was like fall all across the Prairies, and now it's like an oven in Montreal.

I know what you mean about flying along without a pattern, too. I'm doing plain vanilla socks for the store right now, and I knit one in two days. I haven't been feeling well the past two days, so I didn't get to knit as steady as I would have liked to. The empty trailer bouncing us around is bothering my motion sickness thing.

I love the color of the yarn you won. I think Hocrux is a good idea. I'd like to make a pair sometime. Speaking of Hocrux, I'll be cooking in Montreal tonight watching the third Harry Potter movie on CBC...