Friday, 31 July 2009

A Coupla FOs to show

Well, there now -- I have finished something!

It feels like I have been showing partially done things for ages; now I have a few finished projects, and to add to the excitement, they are socks! (I LOVE to finish socks, regardless of how simple or complex the pattern is). Neither of these FOs are complex, but I love them anyway ...

These little socks have been on here before, but now they are done (in fact, they've been done a while, but I have been too lazy to Kitchener the toes. I did them up today, and even though it is warm, and wearing and admiring them right now).


Pattern: plain ole stocking stitch ankle socks ... same pattern I use every time (cast on 64, rib until I get bored, knit 2 rows, make the heel, decrease the gusset, and knit until they fit)
Made for: Me! (I've made ankle socks from this colourway before and given them away, and have greatly regretted it, so these are MINE!!)
Yarn: Kroy Jacquards in the Tutti Fruitti colourway (discontinued - but I stocked up ;), so there will be other socks for Heddy in this cheery colour)
Needles: 2.75 mm Estelle bamboo - like 'em a lot!
Time in: Ravelry says from May 6 - July 25, but I had put them away and picked them up after forgetting about them (in the midst of the Mesh bag frenzy. Each sock took a day.
Again?: I love me some ankle socks, and they are a cute, quick gift too when the need arises, so I really can see me doing them again (for me and for gifts). The shorties are a great way to use a ball of orphaned sock yarn.

And the Anniversary Socks for T (they are a surprise, so -- shhh! don't tell him) are done too. I debated giving them to him today, but I think I will try to wait until our anniversary, and give them to him then. He'll be surprised and happy.


Pattern: not really any - made up as I went along ... cast on 76 st., knit a 1x1 twisted rib, then a 4x2 rib for the leg, moving into a reinforced heel over 1/2 the stitches. Then decreased for the gusset, and made my regular toe decreasing on alt. rows until 8 st. on each needle, then every row until 5 stitches on each needle
Made for: T
Yarn: Garnstudio Fabel 4 ply in colour 902 (and both balls were the same colour and dye lot, but I have been noticing, especially in photos, that there seems to be a slight difference in the colours of the 2 socks - one seems more intensely coloured (it doesn't really matter, but is a bit of a puzzle as they ARE the same dye lot, and were bought at the same time and stored in a bag in a drawer together.
Needles: 2.75 mm Estelle bamboo - 2 sets, worked the socks in tandem (this could be the key to getting through big socks quickly?
Time in: This could be a new record for me ... started July 24 and finished Aug. 1 ... I didn't have many long stretches of knitting in there, due to working every day. The pattern of these socks is simple, but I am pleased with the speed, despite the fact they are for BIG man feet and have quite a few more cast on than I do for socks for me.
Again?: probably ... the wide ribbing works really well for T, as it is quite stretchy for his wide feet and slim ankles, and I am enjoying the 1x1 twisted rib cuff - I don't usually do a 1x1 rib (I am a 2x2 gal) but may change my ways - this looks quite sharp!

that's all I have for now, but I should have something else to show sometime soon, so I will be back :)

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