Thursday, 25 June 2009

What do I do for kicks?

This is the third Grrlfriend bag I have made ... and it isn't getting old yet (LOL!). This one is a bit more subdued than my other 2 -- Jute and Tumbleweed coloursways in the Bernat Handicrafter Cotton. The Colours remind me of the Holly Hobby doll I had when I was about 10 ... she had a tan, pink and mauve calico dress, just like the colours of the stripes in this bag.


Donna M said...

Your bags are lovely. Just remembering your shoulder issue last year and hope that won't happen again should you perchance go on another one of those runs! :-) Do I hear socks calling you?

Marti said...

Will we see these show up in your craft sale rotations perhaps?