Wednesday, 1 July 2009

Happy Canada Day, eh!

Just got back from the Canada Day celebrations in the park near my house ... lots of people out and about, despite the drizzle and fog. We'll probably go back later on for some of the music, and then later tonight we'll watch the fireworks from our backyard.

Lots of people in the spirit of things ...

And also getting ready for our local Privateer Days Festival, which takes place over the weekend (concluding with fireworks again on Sunday evening). Privateer Days celebrates the privateering heritage of the community, and activities that took place in Liverpool in the 1780s ...
lots of fun, people dressed as pirates and privateers.

At work, I have been putting together a float for the parade on Saturday ... and haven't had much time to blog lately (but oddly enough, there has been time for knitting! LOL!). I'll do a show and tell post on the knitting later on this week.

T is going away tomorrow for a few days, and will miss Privateer Days, and I have to help him pack this afternoon for his trip -he flies out tomorrow to Newfoundland for a fishing trip with his dad and one of his brothers. I should have lots of time to blog :0P

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lexa said...

We went to town for a bit this afternoon. Hope the weather holds off for the fireworks. The kids are excited about seeing fireworks twice in a few days span.

I heard a rumor today that the rides aren't coming. Any truth to it?