Sunday, 4 May 2008

FOs on DPNs ... OCD?

On Friday night, I couldn't find my favorite "dishcloth" needles (you can see them in the first picture ... nice brown needles), so for a mindless-watching-a-movie-knit, out came the Bernat Natural Blends Cashmere and the obsession began again ('cept this time, I got pictures, 'cause I am keepin' 'em).

I really like these little fingerless gloves (Daniel MacBride, you are a very clever fella) - they are cute, easy and have a really easy to memorize pattern, and did I mention they are really a fast knit?


Pattern: Small Fry Fingerless Gloves by Daniel MacBride

Yarn: Bernat Naturals Cashmere in Earth and Petal colours
Needles: 4 mm dpns
Again: Of course

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