Wednesday, 30 April 2008

Songs that get in your head

I was just over at Marti's blog (go over yourself and wish her a happy blogiversary! Today is her 2 year one, and a marker for other interesting life events for her too).

I got to thinking about songs that get in your head, ones that you go to bed humming, dream about a little, wake up with them in your head, and find yourself belting them out in the car, elevator, or in the lunchroom at work when you think noone can hear you ... you know the ones, right?

Well, we rented season 1 & 2 of "Weeds" (which if you don't watch, you should ... highly addictive -- lol! Seriously, a very good show), and watched all the episodes over a 2 day period. Each episode starts with the same theme song, as most tv shows do. BUT -- in an interesting twist, season 2 has a different version of the song for each episode ... we quite enjoyed hearing all of them, and found ourselves picking favorites each time a new episode played.

Weedless (whoops ... Neddless) to say, the theme is now stuck in my head ... and has been since Saturday. Now it will be in yours too ...but it is a fun little tune -- I hope you enjoy the variations and find a favorite of your own!

(3 parts ... lots choices of musical styles)

and this version isn't on the dvd of the season 2 ... but is cute none-the-less ...

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Donna said...

I bought both dvds and have only watched 3 episodes of Season 1 but I must say I quite enjoy it. The theme is catchy and now I will make sure to notice that when I watch Season 2.