Sunday, 13 July 2008

How many dishcloths can you knit during the NS International Tattoo?

Just in case you were wondering, on the drive in and out, and during the show, you can knit 2.5 dishcloths ... with frequent breaks to applaud (this word doesn't look right, but that's how spell check says it is spelled) the wonderful acts. I gave one away to the woman sitting beside me on the bus trip to the Tattoo - she said she loved knitted dishcloths and I felt like doing a RAK.
(so far, I have knit 9 dishcloths out of this one big ball ...and still am not sick of the cheery orange, yellow and white colourway. I hope this holds true of the big ball of pale yellow I got to go with these colourful cloths ... I have at least 9 of those to knit too!)

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Donna said...

What a lovely thing to do. I am sure you RAK will earn you points in the yarn stash department!