Thursday, 3 December 2009

Forgotten FOs

Its been a while since I blogged about knitting, and I realized I have neglected to mention a few FOs (and why finish something if you don't bother to tell anyone? If a pair of socks is knit in by a solitary knitter, does anybody care?)

I made these

and am calling them "earthy" for obvious reasons (the clever naming of projects has gone to the wayside folks - I am way too stressed to come up with a clever name for a vanilla pair of socks!). The details are on my Ravelry project page, but for those of you who do not Ravel, they are made of Kroy Jacquards, in Rich Earth Tones colourway, and knit in my standard vanilla sock pattern, on 2.75 mm needles. Knit 'em in tandem for the matchy matchy effect. They have since been gifted by my MIL to a friend of hers who always admires the handknit socks my MIL wears (made by her most excellent DIL - me!). The friend loves them - I am pleased.

And those who read this here blog regularly will not be surprised that I have gone on a knitting stint again - In November, I knit 16 more Shrek hats (but have no pictures of the pile of complete hats - I'd knit 4, and they'd go, then knit 2 more, and they'd go ... they were a moving target!)

I am addicted, they are seriously too cute! A bunch went to the craft sale and to others who placed orders, and I have 2 left (my Shrek hat total to date in 2009 is 24 ... is that extreme? Am I fixated? should I see someone about it?)

I have a few more works in progress, but they are not done to a point I can blog them. I shoudl be back in a few days with some pictures.


lexa said...

Yes, you are a Shrek hat addict! lol!

Donna M said...

The socks are lovely and I am sure the friend would love them!