Thursday, 15 October 2009


Back in July, I started a pair of plain vanilla socks as a Christmas gift for my MIL. I finished one very quickly, and then put them away in favour of another project. Every once in a while, I'd think of the socks, and feel good knowing I had one done, and the second one half done ... it would be a fast to finish Christmas gift!

A week ago, for Knit Nite, I dug out the bag with the sock and a half in it, ready to knit merrily away on it and get the present finished.

Memory is a funny thing, eh? When I pulled the socks out of the bag, you could have knocked me over with a feather -- there was only one done, and the second one (which I was totally confident was half done - more than half even!), not even cast on! I searched the stash, to see if there was a half sock tucked away, but nope - no such thing.

I cast on the second sock last Wednesday, and finished it tonight ... it could have been done quicker, had I not done the major declutter on the house. But it is done now, and I am pleased.

The yarn is Fleece Artist - a special they had at Have a Yarn (feels like there is mohair in the merino - smooshy and soft). Lots left over (enough for a kids pair probably - I will weigh it to see!)

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lexa said...

Hey, at least they're done! :)