Wednesday, 14 October 2009


For the past few years, I have been accumulating stash - in fabric and yarn, and finding places to "hide" it ... last week, I had a look around, and realized that I was on my way to becoming an episode of Hoaders -- something had to be done!

Sorry - there are no before pictures - I don't want to admit the lengths to which the stashing had gone (take it from me - there was clutter, and the garbage man is not going to like me this week!)

This is a series of after pictures of my new "craft room" - formerly known as the computer room (we have agreed to share the space!;) ). All I need to have it complete is for T to disassemble my sewing table and bring it downstairs, and I am set to go! So exciting ... now I ma tackling the rest of the house -- no closet or cupboard will be unturned! I am a woman with a mission (noone but us needs to know my motivation is to not be on a reality show, right?)

P. S. In case you noticed -- there is no more space for anything -- so I am currently on a yarn diet and would appreciate any tips and pointers on how to make a deep dent in the stash -- patterns you enjoy are appreciated!

P. P. S. This is what I culled from the yarn stash -- I am going to donate it to a nursing home in my community - there are even a bunch of needles I got rid of too -- it feels so good to have it gone!


Donna M said...

Amazing how much stash one can accumulate! There must be a support group on Ravelry for people who need help with this issue! :))

lexa said...

Wow! I see Bernat Denimstyle there. You didn't happen to have a couple of batik (burgundy-ish), did you? There was a customer in the store looking for a couple of skeins, but it's a discontinued colorway. She tried in Bridgewater, too, but didn't find it.

I have to finish my place. I did the boys' rooms awhile back (got a big garbage bag hidden in the basement waiting for fall clean up). I also have to do our room yet, and I'm going to do the kitchen cupboards and hall closet. I may not have time to do the basement, but I can catch that for spring clean up. There isn't much left down there anyways. We did it pretty good last time.

Sarah B. said...

It's amazing what a motivation "Hoarders" can be. I just spent the day cleaning out my office because of it. Three bags of garbage, four bags of books to take to Goodwill, and I finally feel like I've made a dent.

Marti said...

Culling feels good, doesn't it? I've done some lately too.