Saturday, 29 November 2008

Still no pictures

Still no access to my new pictures - so no new knitting (or critter shots) for you .

This is a sweater I knit for my niece about 4.5 years ago ... hows that for cute? (the baby , not the knitting ... LOL!)

And this is a sweater I made for my nephew about 4 years ago (one of 7 made for my sister's shower - she is my only sister and it was her first pregnancy - I wanted to knock her socks off!) ... knit from Snowflake chunky and he was so soft and snuggly in this sweater, He was just like a teddy bear.

My mother, sister and I are in a craft sale on Sunday at the Fire Hall in town ...
which is why I have been frantically trying to get something (anything!!) knit ... so far I have 5 felted purses and .... nothin' ... that's it aside from 26 jars of jam. November has been a really busy month work wise, and when I haven't been working, I have been knitting Red hatter purses - all are finally finished - felted and all I have to do are the finishing touches - attaching straps/snaps/buttons/accoutrements< and they can get out of my house and to their new homes.

Without pictures - this is a bit dull -- ummm, I felted the bags tonight (4 for the craft sale and 3 red hatter ones), and love them all more now that they are soft and fluffy. I get a bit more of a kick out of the felting process than I probably should - it amuses me to no end how it goes in big and loose and floppy, and comes out of the washer all fluffy and thick and totally transformed I could felt everything!
More later - It is 12:54 a.m. and I am beat -- need sleep! The excitement of so much felting has me exhausted {grins}.

*ETA: Whipped up 7 cowls - 3 children's sizes and 4 adult sizes for the sale. Mostly Shetland Chunky yarn, but also one in the Benat Black Lites ... very heavy, but pretty and sooo soft (too bad it is discontinued!)


lexa said...

You need to get your pictures working, girlie! Good luck at the sale. :)

My anti-spam word is daing.

Donna M said...

Good luck at your sale.

We missed you at the last few KNs.:(