Friday, 26 February 2010

Funny ...

Olympic Effort first timehow just a few stitches difference can make a yarn knit up totally different, eh?

I started working on this cowl -- I forget the pattern name (its in my Ravelry projects) during the opening ceremonies of the Olympics, and had it nearly done later the next day ... but it was enormous and I ran our of wool before it was done! So I ripped the whole thing, and cast on the smaller size ... it is also too big for me, but there was enough wool, so for now, It is ocnsidered done, until I have the energy, and good spirits to rip the whole thing again, to make it the right size.

notice how different the two versions are? I am anxious to see what the third, even smaller version looks like!

The yarn is a Fleece Artist special, and is soooo smooshy and nice, that knitting it twice was no problem! Twice as nice, you might say!

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