Thursday, 23 July 2009

Something is Afoot

or maybe "a-feet" ... I dunno, but there is definitely something up. I seem to have gotten back some knitting mojo for something other than the mesh market bag, finally.
I didn't say that what I knit was exciting or complex ... just that it isn't a mesh market bag ---

These plain vanilla socks are a secret Christmas gift (can't say here who they are for - if you really want to know, go over to my project page on Ravelry).

Yarn - Regia Cotton Top Colour (no colour name, just numbers that I can't be bothered looking up right now -- it is black, grey and white :>P )
Needles - Esther bamboo dpns, size 2.75 mm
Pattern - none really. Its just the recipe that works best for me, loosely based on the yarn Harlot's cuff down sock formula (in Knitting Rules), and tinkered to my liking
For - Can't say ... but they are the first FO on my Christmas Knitting List (whoo hooo!)
Time in - 6 days -- started July 17 as a project to knit at the theatre, during Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince. finished July 23 - a fairly quick knit -- these weren't rocket science to knit, but the recipient is going to be thrilled!
Again - yessirreebob! I really liked working with the Regia cotton, despite the uncharacteristically Blah colours (they are really pretty socks, now that they are done, but I have to admit that this wasn't the first time I cast on this yarn, trying to get a pair of socks knit from it ... thank heavens for the dark theatre -- the black, white and grey would have bored me to tears, but I knit the whole cuff during the 2 and a half hour movie, so once that was done, I had a bit of wind in my sails to finish the sock, and cast on for the second one).

They aren't really exciting, but aren't you glad to not see another mesh bag?

** Not sure what's up with the picture... it has been raining and miserable for the past few days, so I took the picture inside using the flash, and this is the best of all the ones I took (batteries in the camera must be low).

**** Just added another shot, taken today during a brief flash of non-rain ... and it is a better picture - must have been low batteries.

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lexa said...

The stripes should have kept you a bit interested. :)