Saturday, 25 July 2009

A WIP is better than nothing, eh?

I have been working on these anklets on and off since May ... more "off" than "on", however. I knit like a fool for a day in May, finished the first sock, then cast on for the second, and stuffed it in a bag when I discovered the addiction that is the Grrlfriend mesh market bag. After finishing the Christmas gift socks, I remembered the single ankle socklet, and the one needles with 64 stitches cast on (I hadn't even taken the time to divide the stitches and join in the round, that's how captivated I was with the Mesh bags!). Anyhow, I hate to have every set of 2.75 mm needles tied up in projects, and after a while having a lot of UFOs does bother me a bit, so I picked up the bag the ankel sock lived in, and started knitting away yesterday, and am nearly done this morning. I will post a finished picture later on, once they are done, and will add the details then.

These ankle socks are for me - I have knit others as gifts in this colour (now sadly discontinued), and love it - all my favorite colours all in one sock! These will be well worn and sure to be favorites!


lexa said...

I don't know why they discontinued that colorway. I set aside two skeins before it's all gone to make myself a pair of socks.

Wanderingcatstudio said...

Socks look great! I have some of that yarn in my sock yarn blanket.. it came from my grandma and they are one of her favourite pairs

Donna M said...

Glad to see you're releasing your dpns from captivity!