Sunday, 13 July 2008

Cuteness overload

I have been working on these for the past few days for a coworker of T's whose wife just had a baby (co-incidentally, she and I were classmates in grades 9 - 12) on July 9th. The baby is a boy and weighs 5 pounds something, so he is just a wee little guy.

Every 10 minutes as I was knitting, I just had to stop and "Awww!" at the booties and cap (there is something about anything small that makes it instantly adorable to me!). They are knit in Patons Grace in Azure and Cardinal, on size 3.75 mm needles (I am going to have to make a note on my Ravelry project page for the booties to knit the cuffs in the round to decrease the seaming ... seaming them sucked a little of the joy out of them, and the thought of it caused them to sit, complete but unseamed for 2 days. I am definitely an "in the round" kinda gal).

This is my second go around with each of these patterns, and I really like them together as a set. It is a fast, easy, cute present to make for a new arrival -- the booties (Perfect Baby Booties by Ruth B.) practically fly off the needles and the cap (Little Love by Gundrun Johnston), although a little slower, is still a quick knit, perfect for in a car or watching tv. I'll definitely make them again (and picture them in mauve and blush pink --- makes your ovaries ache!)


Donna said...

What a sweet set for a lucky little boy!

Marti said...

Very cute stuff!!

Knit & Purl Mama said...

The set is super cute! Love the booties!

lexa said...

That's a very cute set.