Thursday, 10 July 2008

You can call me Lucky Ducky

I went to the mail today .. and there was a little white card in my box! My Secret Pal sent me a parcel, and it is soooo nice! I don't know how I got so lucky, but my Pal has totally spoiled me rotten - to the point that I am a little embarrassed to show off the loot I have, because all the other SP11 (oops! it is really SP12, not 11) participants will be jealous and try to get my Pal as their spoiler! I just hope her pal is being as sweet to her as she has been to me.

So ... wanna see my loot? Be sure you have a tissue handy - drool is not good for monitors and keyboards ... tends to make them short circuit! LOL

Yep, you are seeing right - the much coveted "Knitters Without Borders" colourway from Socks that Rock (as featured on the Harlot's blog). I loved it when I saw it there and it is even prettier in person.

I've never had a skein of Chewy Spagetti ... and the Serendipity colourway is one of my favorite combos - turquoise and brown. This should really provide some sock knitting inspiration for Summer of Socks!

There is a 3 pack of the Ravelry pins (which I have been wanting, but have been too lazy to actually go on line and order), they will look awesome on my jean jacket and knitting bag.
Aren't the stitch markers adorable ? (little tiny pastries ... a coincidence or maybe inspired by the recent Knitterpuddlian foray into hand knit, high fibre desserts? Very sweet!) Did you notice they are on a special safety pin with no coil? Very exciting! And a really pretty beaded ... hmmm ... row counting bracelet (?). I'm not sure if that's what it is, but there are bits of it that unscrew, and it fits on my wrist, and it is really beautiful, so I am leaning that way (I'm not very sophisticated in the ways of knitting accessories or jewelry -- it's a small town and I don't get out much. Tee hee!). If I am wrong, please lemme know.

I love the Knit Picks wooden needles, and now I have a set if 3 KP Harmony wooden cable needles -- so pretty!

Yes, there is still more to the sock knitting themed parcel - Nancy Bush's "Knitting on the Road" - I adore Nancy Bush's patterns, and am currently knitting one from her "Vintage Socks" book (for my Mom).

This is the whole she-bang -- wow, eh!?!

I love it all and want to get started on my next sock project ... right now, but can't decide what pattern or which of the 2 fantastic yarns! I feel like I should just spread everything out and just play with it for a while before I commit to anything! WOW!

So ... Ms. Secret Knitty, Thank so much for the parcel ... the presents are all so totally me, I love them. You are too generous! Your note didn't give away much about your identity. Now I am so curious about who you are ...


Anonymous said...

:-P I'm going to try to remain secret till the end! The funny thing is we have quite similar tastes and a lot of your first package was purchased before SP 12 started in anticipation. I picked out a lot of stuff I really liked hoping that my pal would love it too!

You can use the pretty row counter as a bracelet too! You were correct it is a row counter.

As for express mail, too bad it has insurance and a tracking number so it's the best way to go. I've had to angel an angel package because it wasn't sent with insurance and a tracking #. Better safe than sorry, right?

Donna said...

OK. You're right. I am jealous. No drooling but I want to SEE it when you come to KN!

Knit & Purl Mama said...

Great loot!

psst - it's Sp12 not 11! :)

I have some emails to email you back - I'm getting there! (Ahh, newborn & toddler! LOL)

lexa said...

What wonderful loot! You'll definitely have to bring it to show and tell. :)

(Better keep a good grip on it though! LOL!)

Marti said...

Yep...totally jealous. Nice haul! You lucky lucky girl! We should both wear our Ravelry ID buttons next time we're both at KN so we can both be total dorks!!