Thursday, 13 March 2008

It just felt right ...

I did up a batch of felting the other night, and now things are dry and ready to go to new homes ... little purses are going to 2 birthday girls who turn 6 today, (Pink/Purple purse is made of Needful Yarns "Joy" ... and was knit way back then. and the blue/yellow/pink one is made of Bernat Felting and was made back in the day)

and my mother-in-law will get her Christmas purse --- after a long wait!

(made of Patons SWS in Natural Blue)

This itsy bitsy purse will be going to the Wood Pile for sale,

(it is made of Noro Kuryeon -- lost the label, not sure of the colourway)

and once I line this purse, it will go there too

(it is made of Galway wool in assorted colours ... I plan for it to have a magnetic closure and a pretty lining -- there is a sale of some sort at the local fabric shop this week, must check it out for some nice brown/orange/teal combo).


lexa said...

Nice bags!

Didn't make it to Knit Nite after all. L fell asleep before seven, and D had a bad headache and went to bed 8:30. (Early for him.) Ended up waking up and being sick to his stomach. At least I got a quiet night out of it. More than what I can say for tonight.

Donna said...

Great looking bags! I think everyone will be pleased with their gifts!
No good yarn left at Have a Yarn. Apparently somebody's husband took the best stuff yesterday!