Sunday, 16 November 2008

A few FOs, don't ya know

*** this sucks!!! For more than a week, our computer has been unwilling to allow Blogger or Flickr to find pictures to put in this post! Very annoying ... they show up in my My pictures file in the compute, but when I go to Blogger or Flickr to browse photos, they aren't there!! T just downloaded some new programs for a video camera we bought, and a new upgrade for the Kodak cameras , and I think the problem is there. For now, I am posting photo less ... but as soon as the technical issues are resolved (I dunno what's going on), I'll post pictures. Donna ... if you have a suggestion, please advise! I am freakin' out here!

Big Fabel Fingerless Mitts

Yarn: Big Fabel, colour
Needles: 4.5 mm Bryspun dpns
Mods ... Chanel Island Cast On (lurv it!)
Again ... oh yeah!
Gifted to a friendly RCMP officer who helps me with a lot of programs at work. She's great, and goes above and beyond her job description in helping me with programs.

Knitting Project bags ... 2 of 8 done -- sent to and received by my Secret pal 12 pal in Toronto (they are cute - wish you could see the pictures!)

Noro Mitts for Mary ... someone forgot to photograph them before they left the house for their new home. Not naming names, but I'm a bit of an excited dumb-ass when it comes to the photo shoot.

I've also finished 5 of the 6 commissioned purses for the Red Hat Society ladies. Hopefully I'll be done the other one today and the mad felting party can begin!

I took a few (not many - camera battery wasn't charged) pictures of Bruce enjoying his first snowfall (stoopid update/Blogger/flickr/computer!!! If I can figure this out, I will post them) ... his first experience with it this morning wasn't great ... he wasn't sure about all this cold, wet, slippery stuff (and wasn't having anything to do with it in the yard - he did his business, all of it, on the deck and didn't play in the snow with Duffy and Elvis - both of whom acted like 4 year old kids! But I let Bruce out a few minutes ago, and he was pretty excited about it ... racing around, eating it, running and sliding - he bumped his head more than once on a the picnic table! So all in all - he's happy with the snow!)

This is a picture I haven't posted before that I can access through Blogger - not knitting, not cute pets playing in snow, not sewing projects -- cute childhood picture of my hubby This is for those of you who know my hubby T; you will find this cute . He's the snappy dresser in the picture -- and for those who don't know him, and sometimes wonder about my colour choices for socks and other knitted things I amke for him - this explains alot. He's not a guy who is afraid to dress in what he likes, and if the picture says anything, it's that he never has been afraid to march to the beat of his own drummer!


Yvette said...

Yes the bags have been received and greatly appreciated. I've just been going over your blog. Bruce and Duffy are too cute! I can barely stand it!

lexa said...

Yes, T was always different. He used to ride a unicycle, remember!

Who are the others? I know that's Rene L in the middle, is that JPH in the yellow? I know I recognize whoever it is.