Saturday, 24 January 2009

The one where it's obvious that I may be TOO into this knitting thing

A picture is worth a thousand words ... so I will be brief.

Curly discovered a new addition in our house today ...

Who could it be?

Oh my stars and whiskers, a sheep in sheep's clothing ...

She seems to be quite into the winter activities, and set right to work building snowmen

and soon, help arrived

They played in the snow for a while, but then he started to complain of a chill, and they went away whispering amonsgt themselves. When they came back, thy were both all grins and giggles ...

Oh,no, what did I start?

(p.s. This shorn sheep in her warm winter woolies will be winging her way to Washington -- to my pal in the Favorite Things Swap on Ravelry. We had to send something handmade along with some of our favorite things, so my pal is getting this sheep and one of my project bags as her handmade giftie [both of which are favorites of mine]. It is going to be hard to watch my little sheep go, but as you see, I have a willing model waiting in the wings for his warm winter woolies!)