Friday, 26 February 2010

It has become a bit of an Obsession

stocking hat
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Thsi baby hat thing, for my friend the photographer, has become an obsession for me ... she wants unusual hats, and cute too, for babies from just a few days old to those who are just turning one. It's been a lot of fun making them (lots of giggling at the pure cuteness of a weee hat - not bragging, just anything "that" tiny is adorable!)

This hat is made from Sandnes Garn's Alpha, in colourways that only have numbers (boring! so I am not writing them here -- I prefer "Spring Green" and Tormented Teal". The pattern is Purl Dreams hat -- which is the same pattern as the one I made in multicolours, with the purple bow -- I made several mods to make this a stocking hat.

Can't wait to see it on a real live newborn - perhaps pictures will follow!

fringe blanket
I also made her a schwankyfringie balnkie for posing the little ones on ... that was a hoot to make, and used more novelty yarns than should be allowed in any one place at a time!!

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Wanderingcatstudio said...

Great hat and that blanket is CRAZY!