Tuesday, 30 March 2010

Turn your head sideways ...

baby bunny
Originally uploaded by HeddyD
there, now you can see the picture as I intended it to be. My photo software is fighting with me ... so sideways it stays!

This little bunny hat is for my friend who takes pictures. The pattern is by Susan Anderson, from her book Itty Bitty hats. A really well written pattern, I must say. When I looked at the pattern, I thought -- aww, cute, but probably difficult. But it is written in a really easy to understand way, and it just flew by.

the yarn is Bernat Cotton Tots in "Pretty in Pink" colourway, and I am fairly sure I used 4.5 mm dpns to knit it.

I played with this one a lot before taking it to my friend (I might make another one, and find a random baby to give it to - I like the pattern that much!)


Wanderingcatstudio said...

Adorable - but I have thing for hats with ears!

Donna M said...

Wonderful hats! Your photographer friend will have lots of cuteness to work with!
BTW, did you know that you can link to a project on your Ravelry project page so anyone can check it out? They don't have to belong to Rav!

lexa said...

That hat is sweet!

Yvette said...

You're on a hat roll!

Anonymous said...

That is my favorite Easter hat by far!!!! I love it!