Monday, 29 December 2008

Post Christmas Knitting and a celebrity sighting (sorta!)

A little project I whipped up for my baby brother ... a quick , one day hat made from Noro Silk Garden. Details are here.

My brother shaved all his hair off just before Christmas (a fact I didn't know until Christmas day, so couldn't anticipate the possible Christmas gift options that a nearly nekked head presents), and has been wearing hats ever since ... so yesterday, I offered to make him a toque, and let him pick the pattern (from a few I had pre-chosen for him in my Ravelry fav's) and choose the yarn (also preselected by me - he's a non-knitter, and I was afraid I would startle him with the vastness of the stash). He picked a skein of Noro Silk Garden, colour #201 (a nice manly mix of black and grey mostly, with some teal, purple, and brown).

It is now drying after being washed, and should be ready to give him tomorrow, in plenty of time before he returns to university in the city. He lives off-campus, and has a fairly long walk to get to his classes; hopefully, he'll get some wear out of it.

My mom, sister and I went shopping in our little town for some Boxing Day deals ... and ran into a celebrity (sorta) ...

Who'd have thought we'd see Shrek in the grocery store?

My sister says my nephew Jack doesn't take it off his head ... and that delights me to no end. (and when she had Baby O over to see our tree the other evening, he was quite taken with his own snowman hat from last Christmas - he's a year and a half old, and puts it on himself - every time, with the nose over his left ear, and the scarf over his right one! Clever kid!) I foresee a successful Christmas tradition in the making (how old will the nephews be before they are too cool for goofy, garish and down-right-funny hats?). I already have an idea or 2 for next Christmas!

I've also been working a bit on Trick or Treat, Smell my Feet socks ... more on those later.

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Donna M said...

How appropriate! A hat for a bald head! He will love it!

Shrek is too cute. I forgot I was going to knit one of the snowman hats for the grandkid(s).