Friday, 26 December 2008


Just a quick post to show off the post-felting wonderfulness that are the Fibre Trends Ladies Felted Slippers, knit by Marti when I was "off knitting" -- MY SIL loved them (even though -- and I swear to the knitting gods I don't remember doing this) I gave her a pair of felted clogs for her birthday a few years ago. The ones I gave her were too big, and she never mentioned it, so I must have forgotten about them. She was pretty excited by the pretty colour, and the fact that they fit! (I gave her fleece jammies to match)
Pattern - Fibre Trends Ladies Felted Clogs
Size - Ladies Medium (to fit an 8 - 9 shoe)
Felting time - under 14 minutes (watch em or they get too small ... nearly overfelted these!)
Knitted by Marti
Materials - Patons Classic Wool Merino - Teal and Patons Classic Wool Merino - Black
Love them! I see a pair for me in my future ... I have knit many, many pairs of these clogs (in my pre-blogging days, but have never knit a pair for me (T has a pair, but I never got around to making a pair for me -- I have some burnt orange and some olive green that would look stunning)


Marti said...

They look awesome. Glad to hear that they were a big hit:)

lexa said...

Nice! We just got back from MIL's, and step FIL was still wearing his old ones from two Christmases ago. They have new "soles" in the heels, a few times, I guess. Other than that they look perfect. The new ones are under the tree still. I think he'll end up keeping both pairs. Was talking to him a couple of days before Christmas, and he said he hoped that's what he was getting. :)

blindpurls said...

Wow Marti is awesome! What a great friend. I hope your Christmas was fun and that you have a wonderful New Year. Plus that you recover soon, so you can start knitting again!