Sunday, 10 January 2010

Does it Count as a FO if it is going to be frogged?

just finished these socks for T, and was ready to kitchener the toes, so figured I'd try them on for fun. Not fun! they fit me, not a huge footed fella. Crap! off to the frog pond they go.
Pattern: Heavy Socks by Briggs and Little
Needles: size 3.25 mm dpns
yarn; Tresko by Sandnes Garn, colour 1003

Onto other things ... I have had a few other FOs this year (ones I am not going to have to rip).

I knit my sister a hat and cowl from Lion Brand Thick and Quick in Cilantro colourway (used just over a ball for the set), in the pattern Speedy Cable Beret by Paula Chin, and the Speedy Cable Cowl pattern she wrote as well.

I also finished the Capitain hat (pattern by Rosie Garmendia) that i cast on and nearly finished (except for the strap and seaming of the brim) back in late September -- it is pretty cute - but you'd never know it from the awful picture I have --

I've got 2 pairs of socks in progress as well as a fish hat, a Shrek hat and another Speedy Cable beret ... I think I have started the new year with a case of startitis!

Wait til I show you all the wonderful yarn I got for Christmas - Santa was good to me :)


Donna M said...

I don't think you can count it as an FO if you rip it out. Just doesn't seem right to me. But you could count if for mileage if you wanted!

Marti said...
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Marti said...

I had to delete my previous comment cuz I made a grammatical error. Anyhow, what I was trying to say was why don't you just keep them for yourself and knit him another pair? Then you've won on two have an FO (for yourself) and no frogging required ;)

Anonymous said...

T got home an hour or so ago and tried them on -- they are definately too short (fixable) but not too narrow as I had feared. So the frogging will be limited to just ripping back the toe decreases and adding an inch or so to the foot, then decreasing again.

Marti - I would have kept them for me in a heartbeat, but he picked the yarn out, and I was quite impressed with the nice bright , pretty colour he chose that I would have forever felt guilty for keeping them (the 3 balls I bought are the last 3 at LK Yarns and I haven't seen them anywhere else.

Yvette said...

Well, glad the total Rip was avoided. If you're still taking votes, I say Yes. It is an FO. After all, it was effed.

Wanderingcatstudio said...

The socks are frustrating but they did look good.