Thursday, 22 May 2008

Moda Dea Done

Finished May 20th, around 10 -- very quick knit.
And now for something new ... but in a totally "Haven't I seen that before?" kinda way. Cast on last night - taking it slow and easy with these ones ... don't expect to see an FO tomorrow! LOL! my hands still hurt fromthe last 2 pair of these little cuties. My tight knitting and this damp weather combine for achy knitting!
Oh, in housing news -- we are getting our chimney topped tomorrow (new bricks from the roofline up) and Saturday (exciting, eh? they will be a new colour) - then in a few weeks, the roof will be re shingles (in a different colour - also exciting, eh?) It is pretty exciting for us, once these 2 jobs are finished, the leak in the kitchen won't be there anymore (and maybe T and his Dad paint my kitchen!). I am practically dancing!

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lexa said...

Nice socks! They were a quick knit.

Our chimney needs to be rebricked, the whole thing. It's very expensive, that's why it hasn't been done yet.

I'm back to where you were on the sweater, and I figure before I go to bed I'll have the entire tractor done. Once that is done it should be smooth sailing.