Friday, 18 September 2009

Felting finished

Tomorrow is the big, 2 day craft sale my sister, my mom and I always go to -- but this year I don't quite feel ready ...
got a few purses finished (at the very last minute - sewing buttons on when I was supposed to be at the Centre setting up our table), a few hats (the 2 ribbed Noro ones from earlier int he summer, a half dozen Shrek Hats (forgot to take pictures of all 6 , but this one of Curly trying to cram his too fat kitty bottom into a way too small basket will have to do!)
and I also made 2 pairs of kids fingerless gloves (which I also forgot to take pictures of - I am way too absent minded lately).

There are the purses I wrote about last time ...

This is a purse I had made ages ago (back in the Spring) but hadn't put a button on - so hadn't posted a FO picture.

And this is one I made around the same time - it was the 12th purse knit in a wild frenzy of purse knitting (sometimes I get a little compulsive ... lol!)

Anyhow - I had promised finished felting pictures ... I hope you like my purses! I am too tired to add the details - they are all on my Ravelry project page.


Wanderingcatstudio said...

The purses look great. I love the second to last one the best.
Your kitty is GORGEOUS!
Have a great time at the show

lexa said...

Curly is so cute! Good luck at the show! They're gorgeous bags, hope they all sell. Love the tied strap on the last one. :)

Yvette said...

The top photo is my favourite. The purse looks quite striking done in two simple colour blocks.