Saturday, 7 August 2010

Monthly post

Sorry I haven't posted in a long time ... seems like I have been doing monthly posts, but it hasn't been intentional - it has been really hectic lately, with little time to post.

I have got some knitting accomplished, though ... hats have been on the agenda because even though it's been hotter than I can stand, someday soon it will be cold and snowy ... and we'll need hats!

I found a really cute pattern for a slouchy beret and have knit a couple of those (modelled by my sweet-one-more-day-until-her-8th-birthday-niece).

They are made from Patons Classic Wool and are in colours Plum Heather (the plum/burgundy one) and Wisteria (the mauve one). They turned out pretty cute, so I am working on another in the same yarn in New Denim. They use nearly a full ball, and are fun to make - every few rows, I lay it on my lap and stroke it - the cables are so pretty :) .

I also found this pattern by Amy King ... and adore it!

Knit it in the smaller size with nearly a skein of Noro Kuyeon (colour 90) and a scrap of Patons Classic Wool in Leaf Green. It is quite small (fits my niece). If I were to knit it for me, I'd definitely make the large. To use up the leftovers of the Noro, I cast on a second hat in size small, this time using one of the new colours of Classic wool (Orchid) as the main colour, and the scrap Noro for the Fair Isle contrast ... turning out cute, but haven't worked on it much. Soon I will pick it up and finish it.

Later chickies!

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