Monday, 12 November 2007

Knitting Content

I am so excited to finally have some knitting content on my blog ... this post is chock full of yarny goodness ... first one for a LONNNNGGG time!

On Saturday, T & I went to Have a Yarn while in the area tending to other matters (he picked out this -- would like a nice hat for himself --- any suggestions on a pattern? It is Lamb's Run Studio's Handspun Yarns, 2 ply wool, prefelted and looks to be a worsted/chunky weight. I am thinking it will knit up nicely on a 5 or 5.5 mm needle. The colours in the picture show fairly true to life. I love it!)
I also got some Galway Paint -- colour 526, and 2 skeins of Noro Kureyon colours #131 and 3185 (not sure if I will make purses or something else from them, just need to have them!) Too pretty to leave behind!

In knitting news, I have been busily cranking out purses. Here are some before and after shots of the FOs so far ...
  • Noro ... before and after

  • Sophie in Galway - before and after

  • Square tote - before and after (wool purchased from a roadside market this summer -- didn't felt well, I blame the light colours and suspect it was treated somehow)

  • I have a few more that have been felted, but still need their embellishments -- so technically aren't "FOs" -- I will show them once they are dry and have their closures attached. I think there are 4 of them ... maybe more by the time I post them .
On Wednesday or Thursday last week the order Lexa and I placed with the Sweet Sheep arrived -- Cherry Tree Hill Sale! Unfortunately, I forgot it at work on Friday, so have no pictures to post today -- perhaps tomorrow (and I can only show my purchases - check Lexa's site after Wednesday to see her yarns --- I so want to lie to her and say they were lost in the mail but can't do that; they are soooo pretty though!)
Gotta go ... the needles are calling me!
(blogger is a PITA re lining these pics up with the text ... sorry if it is confusing!)


Marti said...

Oooo, all the felted bags are yummy! I have some Patons classic sitting here wanting to be a felted bag, but I can't find just the right pattern, so I'm toying with making one up.

About your CSI comments; I am totally with you on the crying Nick thing. Don't mind his character, a little weirded out about the crying. I mean, he's in law enforcement for (pardon the pun) crying out loud!

Have to wait and see about Knit Nite. Either way, I'll bring Arwen and the little cabled sweater whenever I can make it.

lexa said...

Love the new bags! I have two drying in front of the fan in the rec room right now. I also whipped up a short-but-soft scarf out of Bernat Black Lites tonight. Needs to be blocked at bit.

Got my sitters booked for Knit Nite! I have the coffee, too. Think I'll start Christmas worksocks for step-FIL tonight, so that may be my boring, Knit Nite knitting. Oh, well. Can't have anything that requires too much concentration!

Donna said...

Your bags are great. I am starting a pair of child's clogs with my leftover PCW and then I dug out some patterns to use the rest for bags.
I won't be there Wed. night as I have to be in the Valley for my pre-admission appointment early Thurs. morning. And the next week we are on our way to Ottawa. Hopefully on the 28!

Knit Girl said...

If you are looking for another GREAT canadian yarn source, there is a great little shop that just opened up online - - have you checked it out?