Saturday, 3 November 2007

Not a lot of Knitting content on this Knitting Blog ... hmmm!

I was flicking through my past month of posts on the blog, and noticed that there is a real scarcety of FO's on here ... or any knitting content for that matter. I will be posting soon, it's just that I have been working on felted bags, and I like to knit a bunch, then felt them in tandem loads (heightened level of excitement in the house that way! mucho "oohing" and "ahhing" by me and my T). As you know, pre-felted bags don't look like much ... so I am getting close to having another one done, so hopefully will be felting in the next day or so.

Sock progress has ground to a halt ... too busy knitting bags to squeeze in time on a sock (plus, I am feeling a little discouraged, disheartened and disappointed (plus, a few more descriptives that don't start with "d" ... ;>o ) following my 2 failed attempts at many colours. I am confident that the colour I have now is "butch" , just need to get past the craft sale bags to get to work on my sweeties socks (plus, knowing I can give him a partial pair, and a note promising completion over the Christmas vacation has eased my stress level on that project a lot).

I think I may have buggered my wrists and shoulder knitting ... both hands keep going to sleep, and I have a very tender muscle in my upper arm. (Crap) I have seen a physiotherapist and my doctor (how embarrassing - a knitting related strain!). It sure does slow me down (Crap) - I have to stop , get up, walk around a little , and then resume knitting if I sit for "an extended period of time", which I am interpreting to mean more than 4 hours (ha! these men doctor types are not knitters ... define an extended period of time, please!) I know try to get up a bit more often (at least hourly for at least 15 minutes at a time). It sucks, but if I don't I can't move my arm (Crap) so I guess it pays off.

Well, this has been my 15 minute break from knitting ... back at 'er!


lexa said...

My fingers are starting to cramp up cuz I've basically been knitting all day since noontime. I watched Armageddon, knitting the whole time, and now I'm watching Fever Pitch, just taking a quick break during a commercial. I take a break once in awhile, but I'm on a roll on the two-sleeves-on-a-circ-at-once (first time). Anxious to get that sweater done since its been a year! I'll soon have to wind the last two skeins, though. I'm nearly out of wool.

Anxious to see your new felted bags!

Knitting Linguist said...

Ooh -- knitting-related strains are no fun. I've had some of that in my right hand, but I'm in denial about the cause -- I keep telling myself it's too much typing for work, not knitting at all :) I can't wait to see the bags when they're out of the washer! And thanks for the great idea on how to deal with an unfinished pair of sweetie gift socks (it certainly takes the pressure off of finishing a size-13 pair of socks as well as everything else for Christmas!).

Marti said...

I've been experiencing a lot of neck and shoulder pain lately. It's actually morphed into some pretty bad headaches at times. Think I would learn, wouldn't you? Nah, that's what Advil is for, isn't it?! I should heed that advice though and take a break every once in a while. When you're so cramped up from sitting on the couch all evening knitting that you can barely walk to the kitchen, it's time to recognize that you might have a problem!