Sunday, 23 March 2008

Hoppy Easter Every Bunny, and a FO

The Easter Bunny came ... and brought some of my favorite things (Lindor, Toblerone and Coffee!)
Last night and this morning I worked on a pair of Fetching fingerless gloves, as a gift for my sister (no occasion, I just haven't been keeping in touch like I should, and felt like she deserved a little something and a pick me up - so there you have it!) . The Fetchings are made with way less than a skein of Luxury Alpaca Peru, colour # 705, and they are soooo soft! They were knit on size 4mm needles, and the full story on the mods, timeline, etc. is here ... I am in a rush, can't type it all over again now (or add links) -- I may add it later.
My Mom, sister and her oldest little boy are going to White Point to feed the bunnies, and I have to wrap the Fetchings ... later taters!

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