Wednesday, 25 March 2009

FO finished - secret knitting no more!

A friend of mine had her baby girl today, after quite a wait (she was 2 weeks past her due date - and the anticipation waiting for baby was really hard - on her friends, and it must have been very rough on her, too!) Anyhow - baby is finally here , and I can show what I knit for her ... Marti, if you see this, act surprised when I give you the gift, k?

I normally wouldn't give a peek at secret knitting until it is gifted, but I figure momma and baby are probably not surfing the net right now, and I know I will be able to get the present to her within 36 hours (I have other engagements in the town where the hospital is).

Also - the blog needed content, so people wouldn't think I had died -- so here we are --

Pattern: Boheme
Needles: 4.5 mm Boye interchangeables (pretty good with this yarn)
Yarn: Marble, James C. Brett (I think it is a division of Kertzer)... can't find the label, not sure of colourway- but looking at the web, I guess it is 09 - Berries
Size: 6 months
Time in: Started after supper March 20, finished after supper March 21 - fast and fun!
Mods: none - except to make a 3 st. garter stitch border on each side of the body , as others recommended to prevent curling
Again?: For sure! It was quick, entertaining to knit and I would probably knit it again with the marble yarn ... it was fun to watch the stripes appear, and i don't think they interfere with the lace effect on the vest.


lexa said...

Finally, finally, FINALLY!! LOL! Look how anxious we all were, imagine how poor Andrea was. Love the little outfit. Knitting itty bitty girly stuff is so fun. :)

Donna M said...

How sweet is that? She will love it!!!! And by that I mean both she's!

Sarah B. said...

So adorable. I love that it's not powder pink! She's going to look so cool in it!

Dorothy said...

Very nice!!

Shannchris said...

That's adorable!

I'm due with Baby #2 in Septmeber.
Just sayin ; )

Marti said...

I *heart* this little vest. She'll look so chic and stylish. I'm thinking wee jeans. And Robeez...of course.

PS: My notification word is 'mantspu'.

Anonymous said...


That is just beautiful. You are such a creative knitter.